How to Install a Kitchen Sink in a Laminate Worktop
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Fitting a Kitchen Sink & Sealing

After recently cutting a hole for my kitchen sink, today I’m showing you how fitting a kitchen sink can be a doddle. I’ll also show how I sealed it with silicone so it’s water tight!

Prep Time2 hrs
Cook Time1 hr
Total Time3 hrs
Keyword: diy dog kennel, kitchen sink
Servings: 1 fitted & sealed kitchen sink
Author: Vikkie Lee
Cost: £6



  • silicone sealant
  • Masking tape
  • washing up liquid mixed with water


  • If you have an old sink to replace, turn off the water, place something uunderneath to catch the water, disconnect plumbing and remove your old sink. Here's how I did mine: disconnect your plumbing as I did in this video.
  • Then add the adhesive backed gasket foam strip on the back of your new sink, along the lip on all 4 edges. And make sure you don't have any protruding bits on the edges, otherwise you’ll see it later.
  • Now hook the clips on to the sink's holes or slots along the rear lip (see photo) and evenly distribute them out.
  • If you haven't already brushed over your sink's cut out with waterproof adhesive, you'll need to do it now and leave to dry.
  • Place the sink in situ and masking tape the worktop around the sink to catch any silicone later.
  • Now flip the sink back upside down - wear gloves to be safe - and run a bead of sanitary clear silicone between the edge of the gasket and the sink lip.
  • Place the sink back in to place, then tight the clips from underneath with a non-electric screwdriver. This should prevent any plastic parts from breaking.
  • Then once the sink is fixed to the worktop, spray the excess silicone with washing up solution, then remove with a credit card. You can use cleaning wipes instead, but the above method is MUCH quicker.