How to Install a Kitchen Sink in a Laminate Worktop
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In this blogpost, I share with you, step by step, how I learnt how to cut a hole in my laminate kitchen worktop for a utility kitchen sink.
Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time1 hr
Total Time2 hrs
Keyword: diy dog kennel, kitchen sink
Servings: 1 sink
Author: Vikkie Lee
Cost: £60



  • masking tape
  • sink
  • waterproof glue


  • Work out exactly where you want your sink and ensure it has even spaces at the back and front of the worktop. Ensure the bowl does not clash with a kitchen base wall and mark pencil reference points.
  • Masking tape where the sink's outline will be to prevent chipping when cutting later.
  • Using your reference points, place your sink back in to position, triple checking all it straight, even and exactly where you want it. A combination square is ideal for this. Refer to notes and pictures above.
  • Then draw around the sink with a pencil and remove for now. Wear gloves as under the sink is very sharp.
  • Measure and mark another pencil line INSIDE the sink outline, referring to your manufacturer's instructions. Mine was 10mm. For the curved corners, you can artistically draw it in.
  • Hold a flat wood drill bit flat to the bottom left of the corner while pointing upwards to the opposite corner and raise with your hand and twist where the sharp pointy bit lies to create a mark. And repeat on the left side where the pointy bit is aiming to the far right corner and again, raise and twist to make another mark.
  • Predrill this mark with a 3mm drill bit. Then using the flat wood drill bit to drill a hole straight through. Repeat for all 4 corners.
  • Now carefully cut the inner pencil line with a jigsaw using a downward facing blade. You will need to clamp parts to prevent it dropping towards the end of your cut. Note this area should have masking tape on it.
    IMPORTANT: read tips above for cutting your kitchen worktop with a jigsaw.
  • Test to see if the sink fits perfectly in situ and roughly draw around the sink where there may be any obstacles and cut parts of the kitchen base with a jigsaw again if needed.
  • Now brush over the raw kitchen worktop cut with waterproof glue.